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Friday, May 31, 2019

Feast of the Visitation

Mary was the first missionary as she carried Jesus in her womb to visit Elizabeth and Jesus must have communicated with the infamt in the womb of Elizabeth as she said the unborn babe leapt for joy at the greeting of Mary. This Gospel scene gives us the wonderful prayer of praise, the Magnificat. I love the first lines where Mary says that her whole being magnifies the Lord and she rejoices in God...

I seem to have a message from God for my 88th birthday and I will try to put it into words. The Lord is telling me that from my birth He has surrounded me with love and has made me to be joyful; my mission now is to give joy to Jesus by giving joy to others and trying to love as Jesus loves. As Jesus is in me, so I am called to give His love to others and that makes for joy. I consider this a great birthday gift and I am grateful. I also urge all to go back over your life to see the love and joy given to you.

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