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Monday, June 3, 2019

Let the Holy Spirit pray in us...

I believe that the Holy Spirit nudged me to pick up again The Impact of God  by Iain Matthew. Here is another quote to share with you today: "Once we are with the gospel Christ, the gaze of faith, the mutual presence in love, mantains a loving contact. It puts us in place before the radiating gaze of the living God. We are asked to be awake there. We can rest there, till we find we need to strengthen the gospel framework again. In that contact God is building up his life in us, communicating himself to us; the tough of two vitalities which cannot but leave the inmost person changed."

We can and should relax in prayer as it is God who is active and just wants to love us. We need to be open, surrendered, and let the Holy Spirit free to act in us. Indeed, the entire Trinity is present when we open ourselves in prayer to be aware of this Divine Presence in us.

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