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Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Impact of God

Perhaps it is years now since I discovered Iain Matthew's book, The Impact of God: Soundings from St. John of the Cross. It was out of print at the time and one of our Religious lent me her copy to keep as long as I wanted. Before I returned it, I found that Amazon had it as it had been newly published; I bought three copies so I could return hers with a new one for Oakwood plus a gift and one for myself. This week I felt the urge to pick it up off of my bookshelf and I opened to Chapter 20. I will be quoting a bit from this great spiritual book as it is again speaking to me and I find it confirming my prayer at this stage of my life. Here is a quote:

"The Apostles's primary call is 'to be with him' (Mark 3:14). In John's gospel, this is the fruit of Jesus's resurrection: 'abide in my love' -  remain, stay with, be with(John 15,9)….
"If God is indeed giving himself, our task is to be in place to receive. The gaze of faith keeps us in place. We are not told to keep extracting his love; we are told to abide in it."

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