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Friday, June 7, 2019

Quoting Jean Vanier

This will be my last quote from The Impact of God and it is the last paragraph of the Foreword written by Jean Vanierin in 1995"

"For some people, John of the Cross...seems too austere and complicated, for others too pantheistic, not sufficiently Christ-centered. Iain Matthew reveals beautifully the true John, firmly centered in Jesus, in love with Jesus, the John who through all his life and teaching shows the path to inner liberation and union with God. This book will help many to be God-centred, Jesus centred, and in all things centred in love."

I guess English English uses "centred" while American English uses centered. The point is, I firmly believe the Holy Spirit has inspired the blogs this week leading up to Pentecost. I know it was a strong nudge from the Holy Spirit that sent me back to The Impact of God and only to the last Chapter this week.

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