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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The simplicity of prayer

One of my superiors, who later became a great spiritual director for me, often told me that prayer was simple; not easy but simple. Iain Matthews says that "if our need is for Christ, and Christ is present, gazing, giving himself, then prayer contains an impulse towards simplicity. Pray can be a 'being with'.'
I think we want to do something in prayer and God just asks us to be! As long as we are present with the desire to pray, God can do what He wants in us. And, what He wants is to love us. I am so convinced of this that I want everyone to just go to prayer, be open to this love God wants to pour into us, and relax and enjoy this gift of Divine Love! 

Here is a quote from John of the Cross: "Well then, soul of beauty! Since you now know that in your heart your Beloved, for whom you long, dwells hidden, you concern must be to be with him in hiding and there in your heart you will embrace him."

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