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Sunday, June 9, 2019


We say in our 1982 Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart: 4. "By our charism, we are consecrated to Glorifying the Heart of Jesus: we answer His call to discover and reveal His love
letting ourselves be transformed by His Spirit
so as to live united and conformed to Him,
and through our love and service
to radiate the very love of His Heart." 

It is the Holy Spirit who transforms us and so we ask the Spirit for this grace and for His coming into our hearts with all the gifts and fruits the Spirit gives. 

I count on your prayer as I will be in pre-retreat days and then retreat now until June 23. I will be back with my blog about June 24 but you will find a petition for the different gifts of the Spirit each day of this coming week.. Let us pray for one another.

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