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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Characteristics of the Blessed Trinity

In his book, Experiencing the Trinity, Darrell Johnson has a Chapter on "Entering the Trinity" and in it he says that he has come up with seven words to try to understand and express the "inner-Trinitarian" dynamics. I find myself thinking about these words and how they both apply to the Trinity and to our relationship with the Trinity. I think I will try to put into my own words what each word is saying to me since I have been praying over the seven words the author selected.

The first word is intimacy. I rather like thinking of the Trinity as being always in an intimate relationship. I have no trouble seeing the Three in One as possessing the highest degree of intimacy. It is really amazing though to see how we are called to intimacy with the Trinity. I guess I often experience something of this when I say the words from the song:
 Breathing in, breathing out;
I am calm, I am smiling.
You in me, I in You. 
Present moment, wondrous moment,
Peace to the world, peace to the world.

I often cannot get further than the line "You in me, I in You" - that is intimacy!

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