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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Thanksgiving is coming

Vacation begins today for the school here in Atherton. They have all next week free and I believe many travel to be with grandparents for Thanksgiving. It is such a family feast. When I was in St. Louis studying for my doctorate, I had my first opportunity to cook the turkey for my community. I also had on both Thanksgiving and Christmas two turkey dinners - one with my community and another with my parents, siblings, and others. But I will never forget the Thanksgiving dinners at my grandmother's home when I was a child. When my brother George, born on Christmas Day, was almost two years old, my brother John was born on Thanksgiving. 
We need to prepare for this Feast and especially think about those who are homeless, hungry, and perhaps have no family to celebrate with this year. I think of so many facing deportation after years of living together in the United States. We have so much to be grateful for but we must not forget those who are alone, in prison, or in detention. I cannot understand how we can treat refugees and immigrants so badly --do we not remember that our ancestors came to America from other countries?

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