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Monday, November 18, 2019

Feast of Rose Philippine Duchesne

I was thirteen years old when I became acquainted with Saint Philippine Duchesne. She was only "Blessed" before the Church canonized her and so we sang "O Beata" often and all the children at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Saint Charles loved her and we visited the little shrine in the front yard where she was buried. I was one of the ones that went every night to help close up the little shrine and blow out the green and amber vigil lights around the tomb.  For me, Philippine was both maternal and a great friend. She had founded St. Charles in 1818 and we felt she was still watching over us and ready to help us. It was only when I entered the Society that I heard nuns in the East speak of her austerity and fortitude. She was a courageous woman, but a loving and compassionate one. Now that I am reading her "Complete Works", I am struck by her humility. She has a great heart and is still interested in all the is going on in our lives and in the Church.

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