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Thursday, November 14, 2019


You can tell I miss autumn by the pictures I am choosing. Here, it is cool and we do have one tree in the patio that has red leaves now, but we also have roses blooming all around. I see that other places are actually having some winter weather.

Today I want to go back to Darrell Johnson's book on Experiencing the Trinity. If you remember, I said that he picked seven characteristics of the Trinity to write about in his fourth chapter, "Entering the Trinity". I did comment on the first two: Intimacy and Joy. Then comes Servanthood, Purity, Power, Creativity and Peace.

I am reflecting on the creativity of the Trinity today. Just look at creation- no two persons are exactly alike; we see the creativity of the Trinity at work constantly in our world. And we, too, have been given the gift of creativity. How am I using this gift?

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