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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Living in the Present Moment

Our construction continues but we no longer believe in even contemplating a date for it to end. It seems there was a sign at first saying that the temporary entrance would be from September 5th to September 30. I guess that is why most of us thought we would have our new entrance and meeting rooms by October 1. Then, we started hoping for November 1, and now, maybe, just maybe, for early December. I suspect we may have all finished by Christmas, but I am an optimist.

Seeing how slow the entire project seems to be going, makes me think of how impatient I am when I cannot construct something needed in my own soul. It takes patience. One day at a time and only after several days do we usually see any results. I think that with inner work, we should not be looking to see the results, but keep striving and leave the results to God. The important thing is to persevere! God loves us as we are, but God is also always calling us to grow in love and compassion.

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