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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Increase my Gratitude

 One of the three prayers sent by America in "Increase my Gratitude" and I liked it, but have changed it to fit what I really want to say to God. Still, it is helpful to have a prayer that I can make my own.

Dear Lord, sometimes I forget to thank you; I may seem ungrateful for what I have; You have given me so much and sometimes I'm not grateful for what I have.

Sometimes I forget that I have access to things that many people would consider luxuries: running water, clean food, a home with bathrooms with hot water, a comfortable bed, a screen on my window, access to WIFI, television, reliable electricity, a beautiful patio outside my window, a washing machine and dryer down the hall.

I know that many people in the world have none of these things. But sometimes I forget that, and I forget to be thankful.

Please increase my gratitude for what I have, help me not to overlook the blessings in my life, and open my heart to those who do not have these things -both here and abroad.

Teach me to do something to help those who are struggling to find food, to not be evicted during this crisis, or struggling in so many ways just to live. Help me to pray for them and, above all, increase my gratitude, dear Lord, and give me a compassionate heart!


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