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Monday, August 31, 2020

Last day of August

 Time seems to disappear. We are concerned here in California with the forest fires that began on the 15th of August and have caused so many to evacuate their homes; many homes were in the path of the fire and families just had to grab their children and pets and rush to their cars. Our firefighters have done a great job, but they could not stop the destruction that started in so many places with the heat lightning. Many prisoners were also used to help control the fires. We mostly have suffered from the smoke that the wind has brought us. 

In the meantime, we have prayed for those in the path of hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes. We wish we had some of the rain here in California. The virus is still spreading and we hope that it will not spread among the many people who have had to seek shelter from the fires.

Now, for something a bit more spiritual. I am finding new life in the Psalms. I love the line, "But I have quieted and stilled my soul. like a weaned child on its mother's breast; so my soul is quieted within me." 

I am really trying to quiet and still my soul during these days of more silence here. I know that it is hard for many to stay in now that we do not even see the end in sight of sheltering in place, at least for us; I suppose each must find a way to quiet one's soul. Saying that little prayer or song is a help to me so I repeat it here: "Breathing in, breathing out. I am calm, I am smiling. You in me and I in You. Present moment, wondrous moment. Peace to the world, peace to the world."


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