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Thursday, August 20, 2020

'Pathway', a second key metaphor

 As I am slowly reading Life in the Psalms, I feel that I want to share some of the insights I am gleaning. According to Woodhouse, 'refuge' and 'pathway' are "two defining metaphors of the Psalms. At the heart of them is adoration. The Psalms recognize that the deepest impulse and need of the human heart is to love this mystery of Life called 'God', and they kindle that impulse afresh, again and again.."

Even I know from my reading of the Psalms that they are "saturated with longing. There is a desire for God and that desire does open us to thanksgiving and praise. Woodhouse also says the there is a discovery "of a sense of wisdom, and profound homecoming. So we are promised the deepest kind of joy that it is possible for humans to experience."

I am sorry that all those years when we said Office in choir, I really did not understand the Latin enough to appreciate the Psalms. Maybe that is why this book is attracting me and I feel that I need to share a bit. 

I am here to let God love me and to respond to His love. Living in an awareness of God's presence in me and in others is a call that seems to be deepening in this time of more solitude and silence. 

I shall look for a cool picture that will also symbolize the silence I am cultivating.

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