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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Longing that leads us into the depths of God

 It is amazing how many of the Psalms express our longing for God. This longing for intimacy with God is found over and over; some psalms also express thanksgiving for a deeper intimacy or the recovery of an intimacy that has been lost. 

We need to discover, or rediscover, this deep longing for intimacy with God in our own lives. For this, we need silence and solitude - both easier to find in this time of sheltering in place. When and where we pray matters. Woodhouse tells us that we need both a quiet space and time to pray the psalms. He says it is about refuge. Psalm 2 ends with the words, "Happy are all they who take refuge in him." We all know the image of taking shelter under the shadow of God's wings. You will find other images of refuge when you pray the psalms. In Psalm 18, we call upon God as "my rock in whom I take refuge." 

Today is the Feast of St. Louis; it is my father's birthday and, when he was alive, the celebration was what marked the end of the summer. He loved a good party and my mother always counted on giving him one. I suspect he is celebrating in heaven today.

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