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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The silent transformative power of the Psalms

 Today is the Feast of St. Helen. When I was Head of the School, the children always celebrated my feast with an address, flowers, a play and the entire school would be in dress uniforms. It was a tradition so I suffered through it, but my mother told me she had named me after Helen of Troy!

To continue to share thoughts from my new book, Life in the Psalms, Woodhouse tells us that if we really internalize the psalms, we will begin to discover that we are "slowly ushered into another perspective altogether different from the one you know only too well, and is assumed by the world around you. What characterizes this new way of 'seeing' is a constant consciousness of a transcendent Other. It is a perspective which will slowly--if you remain attentive to the words of the Psalms and the meanings found in them--reorientate you mind, and lead to a different life. That is their silent transformative power."

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