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Monday, November 2, 2020

All Souls

 Today we remember and pray for all the faithful departed, and it is the custom in many places to have visited the cemetery to decorate the graves and pray for the dead. I think this year we need to pray much for all those who died in the hospitals without their loved ones being present. I think it is so hard to have someone die who is close to you and not be with them. This feast gives us time to remember those who have gone before us and to pray for them. 

Our community director came around to our rooms yesterday with a a slip around a piece of candy. We always had the custom of drawing one of the Beatitudes on the Feast of All Saints. The slip of paper around the piece of candy said, "Blessed are the gently, for they will inherit the earth." So, I know I need to work at being gentle - gentle with others and gentle with myself. 

Besides praying for the dead, we need to pray hard for the election. I am praying that there is an overwhelming number of votes counted by election night so there will be no doubt about who has won. 

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