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Friday, November 6, 2020

"Let us ask God for the grace of a well-ordered life"

 This is taken from Evelyn Underhill's Prayer Book and I think it is worth quoting here:

"O God, who are the light of the minds who know You, the life of the souls that love You and the strength of the hearts that serve You; help us to know You that we may truly love You, so to love You that we may fully serve You, whom to serve is perfect freedom.

O blessed Jesus Christ, who bid all who carry heavy burdens to come to You, refresh us with Your Presence and Your power. Quiet our understandings and give ease to our hearts, by bringing us close to things infinite and eternal. Open to us the mind of God, that in His light we may see light. And crown Your choice of us to be Your servants by making us springs of strength and joy to all whom we serve. Let us ask God for the grace of a well-ordered life."

I want to be a spring of strength and joy to all! Sometimes, praying with the prayers of others is helpful.

Today is also a First Friday and so a special day of prayer for many.

A view of Oakwood from the back door of Westwood looking toward Rosewood. The statue of Our Lady was given to Oakwood by my cousin whose two daughters are buried in our cemetery.

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