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Friday, October 22, 2021


 Every evening nine of us gather in the Westwood living room to say Compline and Night Prayer together. We usually just use the forms of the Office found in our Missalette, "Living This Day". We do take a few minutes to look back over the day in silence but any sharing is done after our prayer or during the time for petitions. This nightly gathering has really helped us form community. I am praying every night for the synod and for "synodality" to really happen in each parish. It begins by simple encounter with all who belong to the parish and even those who do not; then the idea is to really listen to each one as they talk about what kind of a church they want, what can be done to include all, what issues need to be addressed, etc. Then the parish discerns what to send to the diocesan synod. This is the first part and we have from now until April - I read the letter from the Archbishop in Miami and he mentioned until Pentecost. Let us all pray for the entire process and do what we can to excite people to want to participate.

Tonught I am copying Emily Dickinson's poem on Compline;


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