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Friday, September 7, 2007

Come with joy into the presence of the Lord...

The Communion Antiphon in today's liturgy is taken from Psalm 110:4-5:
"The Lord keeps in our minds the wonderful things he has done. He is compassion and love; he always provides for his faithful."
So, the Lord himself reminds us of all the wonderful things he has done and is doing for us. He is compassion and love. We can trust him; we know that he will take care of us, like a good shepherd. Is this not reason for joy?

Psalm 100 is the one in today's liturgy with the refrain reminding us that we are to come with joy into the presence of the Lord. We are to serve the Lord with gladness.
Know that the Lord is God;
he made us, his we are;
his people, the flock he tends.

We are called to thank God for he is good. His kindness endures forever!
How can I live this day in gratitude and joy?:


Anonymous said...

Hey Helen;

Just discovered your blog. Great idea but then again you were always on the cutting edge of tech ideas and how to use them to help other grow in prayer and aid their spirituality. Looking forward to meeting you each morning. But posting at 3 and 4 AM!!
Marsha Whelan

Helen said...

Dear Marsha,
It is good to hear from you. I actually post three hours later than the Google California time! Sometimes I cannot get to the computer until later, but try to post early. It is good to know that you will be using the blog. Thanks for commenting. Helen