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Monday, September 24, 2007

"The Lord is with you."

It is true. The Lord is with me! The Lord is with us! "Behold, I am with you always, until the end of time."(Mt 28:20) We rejoice because the Lord is with us! He is always present. He never leaves us. Yet, we are so seldom aware of his constant, loving presence.
In the book of Revelation, he tells us: "Behold, I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in and sup with you, and you with me." In the picture, we see that the door cannot be opened from the outside. Only I can open the door of my heart to let Jesus come in; he never forces but waits to be invited. He is always with me, but desires to enter into deeper intimacy with each of us, if we open ourselves to him. He is the center of my life.

"The greatest reality is that of the Presence of God who looks upon us with love and desires an intimate relationship with each one of us." This quote is from Sister Elizabeth Hillmann,RC (Unpublished notes, September 19, 2007). I believe this, yet live so forgetful of the Presence of God. We need to take the means to cultivate an awareness of God's presence in our lives. There are many ways to do this: the Ignatian Examen, Centering Prayer, a walking/driving prayer, the habit of turning to God with a short prayer every time someone comes to speak with us, or the phone rings, etc.
Lord, the door of my heart is fully open for you to come in and stay with me. I, too, desire an intimate relationship with You. I ask the grace to never refuse you anything you ask of me.

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