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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Sometimes we seem to be going in circles but to get to the center of ourselves, according to Joyce Rupp, we need only to open the door. I seem to be too busy to settle down to even visualize the inner door to my heart. I think I shall take her book with me on my trip next week.
Yes, I will be going away a week from tomorrow for three weeks. I do not like to leave my daily readers, but it is too difficult to write a blog when I am away. If fact, I am so busy this week that I am not sure the quality of my reflections will be very helpful. However, I am very excited about my trip and all the friends I will be meeting - some are old friends that I have not seen in years; others are new friends and I look forward to meeting them.
I leave Wednesday, the 24th for Edinburgh; I change planes in London. I have a few days in Edinburgh and then I will be in Perth and making a pilgrimage to Iona. I suspect that many of you do not know about Iona off the western coast of Scotland. I began learning about it in the Online Program that I was teaching and visited the website and was hooked. There is actually a Religious of the Sacred Heart running a prayer house on the island! More about this later.
The second part of my trip will be in England. I suspect that I will want to tell you about that tomorrow so I can begin work now. I do not like to be as "busy as a bee" but sometimes I need to commit myself to too many things - at least I am learning to limit myself, but this week I found circumstances that have caused me to feel rushed. Rushing around accomplishes nothing so I shall slow down and not say more today. At least I am not going round and round in circles! Or am I?


Unknown said...

Hi Helen,

Going ot Iona! Wow what a pilgrimage.


Helen said...

Dear Alex, It is good to hear from you and I do enjoy your thoughtful reflections. Thanks for keeping in touch! Helen