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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off to Scotland and England

These pictures are of Iona and I thought you would like to imagine me there next week. This is the last reflection I shall write until October 17 when I am home again and will be able to share about my trip. It has been very busy this week so I think my reflections have much to do with trust. I was reading Carlos Martini's book on Paul and was struck by Paul's hope and trust even when he was experiencing all kinds of suffering. He seemed to see all the misunderstandings in his own life and the real heart suffering he went through as ways of being united to the sufferings of Christ and a way to bring comfort to others. I am trying to pray the news these days as a way to bring comfort to so many who are suffering in all parts of our world. It is possible to hope and trust even at the darkest moments and Paul never gave up.
I count on all your prayers for my trip to Scotland and England and I look forward to renewing my relationship with old friends and meeting new ones.:)
This trip is all about relationships; Iona is a side trip, a pilgrimage into the past riches of Celtic spirituality. Do come back to read about it all on October 17, feast of St. Margaret Mary.

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