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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Open the Door, Lord

It was the antiphon "O Key of David" that started Joyce Rupp thinking about the symbol of the door. I was at the dentist this morning and there is a picture of a little cottage with a blue door that is ajar. There is a wooden folding chair in the sun in front of the cottage with lots of flowers growing in pots in the patio, but the door is what holds my attention. It invites one to come into the inner chamber; there is a closed window in the picture with a white curtain so one knows that the inner room is private, but the door is partly open and one wants to enter. I guess the desire is what counts in our lives.

Now, I want to share this bit of wisdom that came from my great friend, Dr. Alex Tang, in Malaysia. He sends wonderful reflections and you can find his website if you wish to read more. He begins by talking about our disposable society so that we begin to think that even people are "disposable" but this is what struck me today:
"True growth takes time. It is important to recognise this. The man who
takes care of the vineyard understands this, and thus is willing to
stake his reputation with the vineyard owner. In spiritual growth
there is nothing disposable. Everything that takes place is precious
and irreplaceable. We cannot take away anything because everything
that had happened to us, whether positive or negative, makes us who we
are. Spiritual growth is when we redeem all our experiences by washing
it with the blood of Christ. This transformative action takes time."

Let us remember that everything in the spiritual life is important and not to be disposed of but to be used for our growth and gradual transformation and we are called to transform our world!

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