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Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Way - Over 500 Reflections!

I wrote my blog this morning but it would not save for some reason. I think I have solved the problem, but this will be a short reflection since I lost the last one. I was thinking that this is reflection 501 and I am very much on a journey. I want to walk each day with Jesus but so often forget him. He is always with me, with each of us; why am I so unaware of his presence in my daily life? I guess I want Jesus to be the center of my life but keep pushing him out by concern for the pressing things that seem to crop up. I suspect that they would get done and done better if I paused and asked Jesus to help. I think he waits for me to ask and loves it when I trust him.
Having said this, let us continue on the path as he is the Way.

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