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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Persistant Peace

Today I am going to talk about a fascinating book by John Dear, S.J. It is A Persistent Peace: One Man's Struggle For A Nonviolent World. I just received a gift copy from Loyola Press and cannot put it down. I love biographies of Jesuits anyway, but this one shows me how John Dear was called to live a life of nonviolence with all that means in today's world. He is rather famous now, but I have not heard him speak and only knew about him from Pax Christi. His life is inspiring and I have devoured the first three hundred pages and look forward to more than a hundred more. It is not a brief biography, but one worth reading!
I will give one quote on the back cover (there are several) from Helen Prejean, CSJ, as she is one I do know. She says, "Look, I know this guy. He's real and he shows that it is possible for ordinary folks to really live Jesus' call to be peacemakers...Prepare you own heart as you open this book."
It is a book that calls us all to look at our own lives and to begin in our own hearts to live nonviolent lives, and then to work for peace at every level!

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