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Monday, September 15, 2008

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

This is a feast with a sequence, the Stabat Mater and I am sorry that I am late in posting something and that I seem to have added an image of Mary that is not what I thought I was choosing. The truth is that I was quite distracted yesterday in trying to name the Seven Sorrows of Mary but I looked them up for my readers:
The Seven Sorrows (or Dolors) are events in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary which are a popular devotion:

The Prophecy of Simeon over the Infant Jesus.(Luke 2:34)
The Flight into Egypt of the Holy Family. (Matthew 2:13)
The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days. (Luke 2:43)
The Meeting of Jesus and Mary along the Way of the Cross. (Luke 23:26)
The Crucifixion where Mary stands at the foot of the cross. (John 19:25)
The Descent from the Cross where Mary receives the dead body of Jesus in her arms. (Matthew 27:57)
The Burial of Jesus. (John 19:40)

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