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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I suspect that I should save this picture for Christmas morning, but I was thinking about the angels letting the shepherds know about the birth of Christ; they are the first to know the good news that today a savior is born to us!" They had to be the most humble of people as the Jews looked upon them as the lowest class and they were even considered outcasts. Yet they believed the angels and went off seeking the newborn savior.
I have been thinking about and trying to stay with Jesus in the womb of Mary this Advent. He was in darkness but experiencing growth. He was being prepared in that darkness for life and was to become the Light of the World. The Incarnation is a mystery that gives all of us joy and gratitude.
Tonight we have the traditional "veilee" which is a time of prayer to prepare for the coming of the Lord this night. I was reading about the first Christmas that Mother Duchesne prepared at St. Charles in 1818 and marvel at the holiness of those first missionaries. They all had to sleep on the floor in the same room with the children and seemed to think nothing of this. I think I shall read an account of that first Christmas at our veilee tonight.

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