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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feast of St. Francis Xavier

This Jesuit was the first great missionary in the Society of Jesus. He took the faith to the Far East beginning in India and then going to many countries before Japan. He died while waiting for a ship to take him to China. His body is still intact but the right arm, that blessed and baptized thousands, was sent to Rome. Francis was a man of faith and worked many miracles. He can help us keep our Advent resolutions, if we have made any.
I have a little booklet that follows Luke's Gospel through Advent and it has a place at the beginning to write one's resolutions. I have not yet done that as I am just trying to do what is needed each day. I am taking time for afternoon prayer and I am determined to get rid of clutter! This has meant some tiring days sorting through all the things in my office. Yesterday I found all the questions for my comprehensive examinations - not for my PH.D. but for my Masters- and really was amazed at how well I prepared and how lovely my handwriting was at that time. I felt that I no longer knew most of the material, but pitched it all. I could have used it in my teaching days, but now I am not keeping anything. The next thing I need to tackle is the other walls since the one filled with books is being emptied quickly. I have one wall with diplomas and plaques, but what to do with them? My community will not want them hanging anywhere at home (my room has no place for them) - I may just give away the frames and see if I can put some of the diplomas and certificates in a book!! In the meantime, I am saying, "Come, Lord Jesus, and help me get rid of my clutter. I am including interior clutter, too.

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