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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Come, Lord Jesus, and do not delay!

I suppose I should save this image for Christmas, but we are saying, "Come, Lord Jesus, come" and it is nice to know that He is here. I was reflecting on another of Jessica Powers poems and will copy it here for you. (I am at the Advent retreat at St. Thomas University today; it is a day I began over twenty years ago as a good way to stop and listen and prepare for Christmas.)

The Hidden Christ

I went into the Christmas cave;
There was no Child upon the straw.
The ox and ass were all I saw.

I sought His stable where He gave
His goodness in the guise of bread.
Emptiness came to me instead.

Filled with my Father’s words, I cried
“Where have You hid Yourself?” and all
The living answered to my call.

I found Him (and the world is wide)
Dear in His warm ubiquity.
Where heart beat, there was Christ for me.

I went back to the Christmas cave,
Glad with the gain of everywhere.
And lo! The blessed Child was there.

Then at His feasting board He gave
Embrace. He multiplied His good
And fed in me the multitude.

Jessica Powers (1963)

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