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Thursday, December 31, 2009

For each of us there is a desert to travel, a star to discover...

Today's reflection is first of all a poem taken from an Iranian Christmas card and used by Bishop Hunthausen in an annual letter to the Catholics in western Washington. Here is the poem:
"If, as Herod,
We full our lives with things,
and again with things;
If we consider ourselves so important
That we must fill every moment
of our lives,
When will we have time
To make the long, slow journey
Across the burning desert
As did the Magi?
Or sit and watch the stars
As did the shepherds?
Or brood over the coming of the child
As did the Magi?

For each one of us
There is a desert to travel,
A star to discover,
And a being within ourselves
To bring to life."

Hunthausen said that "the journey we make across life's desert following a somewhat elusive star, is a journey that will most surely lead us to the Child who is God, and in discovering the Child, we will really only be discovering our true selves and the key that unlocks all of life's mysteries." He then goes on to say that we do not make this journey alone. It is one we make together in faith and in hope, supporting each other along the way.

Throughout the ages, spiritual writers have always seen our way to God as a spiritual journey. Where and how God will lead me in this coming year is not as important as my willingness to follow the star and to set out again with joy and gratitude,

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