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Monday, May 24, 2010

Eve of the feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Sophie was the first Mother General of the Society of the Sacred Heart and governed the Society from its beginnings in 1800 to her death in 1865. although she was only elected as Mother General in 1803. She had been given an extraordinary education for any girl at that time and she insisted on high standards for the boarding schools she would establish in many countries before her death. She always tried to establish a school for the poor at the same time she opened the boarding school. Because of her vision of education, Sacred Heart schools all over the world today are known for the solid foundation given and especially for the education in the Catholic faith while respecting all traditions. Sophie believed that a well-educated woman of virtue would have a lasting influence on not only her husband and her children but on the world around her.

Today is Pentecost Monday and is still a holiday, I think, in some European countries. We drew the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and shared them in our community prayer last night. I drew the gift of Wisdom this year and "kindness" as the fruit. I am happy with both and will ask the Holy Spirit to keep these in mind as we go through the year.

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