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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Water, wind, earth and fire

I am going to quote from the Introduction to the book I spoke about yesterday as I think what Christine Valters Paintner says is helpful for all of us.

"When we recognize ourselves as a part of the earth community, as the scriptures and mystics have encouraged us to do for centuries, then we begin to see the profound mystery at work in the depths of our own souls as the same sacred mystery at work in the natural world. Being present to the gifts of creation helps to give us insight into paths for our own spiritual growth and into the ways in which God is present to us."

She designed the book to be "an accompaniment and guide for ongoing prayer..."
She goes on to say that by rooting our prayer in connection with the elements of water, wind, earth, and fire, we can experience ourselves as part of the natural world, connected to all of God's creatures. She also tells us that we will discover a God "who dwells at the heart of all living things, who sustains and transforms creation moment by moment, and who is an indispensable presence in the world."

Praying with the elements will lead us to greater gratitude for all God's gifts.

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