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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silence of action

In this novena of preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart I am thinking of how often silence of action was stressed in our novitiate and in the contemplative months before our final profession. We were taught that we should learn how to move without noise, to open and close doors without a sound, to take the time to hang up dust pans so no one could hear us, etc. It was to become a habit and to last all our lives. I still cringe when a door slams. I have learned to love silence and was thinking of how hard it was for me to not talk when I entered and how much I love having times of solitude and silence now. I think that the silence of action was to be able to listen to God and not disturb the Holy Spirit. I wonder when we stopped thinking about the value of this practice and stopped forming others to guard a strict silence of action? It seems to me that it is still valid today and much more necessary.

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