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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walk the path of love

Sometimes I feel that writing a daily blog is an experience of discerning so many possible subjects for the reflection that I end up not know what to choose. Usually that is when something just seems to write itself. Today, looking for a picture, came the desire just to reflect that each day we walk the path of love; sometimes it is an easy path and the lovely weather makes it a delight; sometimes we need to plod on through rain, snow, and even hail. Most days are rather ordinary, but walking the path of love is an extraordinary experience. We do not walk it alone. Sometimes we find that the joy in our heart comes from a deep well inside of us. What halts us on the path of love? I guess that may be different for each one. Sometimes it is just a feeling of fatigue. I need to take the path one day at a time; sometimes it may be just an hour at a time. It seems to help when I put my hand in the hand of Jesus and we walk it together. Then the path becomes easy and one enjoys the walk no matter what the climate is. Let us keep going full of joy. This is the week we are preparing for the Holy Spirit to come and strengthen us as well as enlighten us!
Come, Holy Spirit, and enlighten us!

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