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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joy of Discovery

I clicked on the name of the above picture, "Joy of Discovery" in my file this morning and will let it lead my reflection. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Chapel at St. Thomas University during these past two days. Thursday night we had induction into our honor society and brief presentations from our first two doctoral graduates in practical theology. Last night we had a dinner for our MA graduates in Pastoral Ministry and then the Baccalaureate Mass with standing room only in our Chapel. As faculty were in gowns and hoods for both ceremonies, I was up front on the side and had time to contemplate the stained-glass windows in front of me and the palm trees outside the upper Chapel windows.

My thoughts turned again to all the graces of the past twenty-four years as a member of this University community. I especially remembered my five years as Chair of Religious Studies, History, and Philosophy and all the joys of those years when I actually felt I could make a difference but only with the help of the Holy Spirit. Then I thought of all the students I have taught here at the University; many of our students graduate because we are a caring community and really dedicated to helping students achieve their degrees.

The present students look so young but still have so much joy to discover in learning about life. Many need to find jobs. It is not easy for them this year but there was such a feeling of joy among the students that I do not fear for them. I pray that they will experience the same joy of discovery that I have throughout my years of teaching. Every day is full of wonder if we have eyes to see and take the time to reflect.

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