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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation and Retreat

I leave tomorrow for California and a Higher Education meeting at the University of San Diego. I will stay there for a week, then visit my sister and some friends in California and arrive at Oakwood, our retirement home, to make an individually directed retreat from August 15-24. I think my retreat is always the most important eight days in the entire year and I ask you all to pray for me.
Since I will be busy and on the move until I return on August 30, I will be taking a vacation from the blog. Look for me on September 1 as I will pick it up as soon as I return and will have much to share with you as I do keep a Journal!
I hope you all enjoy a good vacation as so many do go away in August before schools begin. It is nice to think that I do not need to be at the University in August, but will still be there on Thursdays beginning September 8. Our reflection group also begins that same night!

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Maureen Elizabeth Ryan (MER) said...

Wishing you safe travels!

Pax, Maureen :)