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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Atmosphere of Joy

Just as Jesus went about consoling his friends for forty days after Easter, we are having our Mother General and one of the Central Team plus our Provincial and three of the Provincial Team here for a visit. You can feel the joy and excitement in the house. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and will be here until Thursday when they go to another visit with the younger members of the Province; then they continue to visit other parts of the country and only return to Rome at the end of the first week of May.
Today we will hear about what is happening in other Provinces all around the world. We will see slides and then be able to ask some questions. I am just happy to be here and every bed is filled. On Wednesday, the Religious of the Sacred Heart from San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, and all the local communities (we have three in Redwood City) will be here, too. We will be allowed to listen on that day, but not go to the afternoon session which will just be for the smaller communities. There is such an atmosphere of joy that is so tangible this week. We must be celebrating Easter with alleluias in our hearts.

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