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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Jesus walks with us...

Maybe Jesus did not appear to you, but I am sure we are all aware that often Jesus comes to walk with us when we are discouraged and feeling sad; Jesus also comes when we are striding along full of joy. In fact, Jesus is always with us. Perhaps that is the point the evangelist was trying to make when he tells us about the two disciples and how they asked Jesus to stay with them and He did! They recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread. We, too, ask Jesus to stay with us and we also recognize Him in the Eucharist.
The point I am trying to make goes back to the blog I wrote the other day about the book I am reading that believes the Jewish writers of the Gospel wrote to tell us a truth, but did not try to be literal when telling it. They may have invented the details, but Jesus does walk with us and we do recognize Him in the Eucharist. He does like to be invited to "stay with us." And, when we encounter Jesus, we are filled with new energy and "our hearts are burning within us."

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