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Monday, April 27, 2015

Preparing for a return home

I am sorry that I have not seen more of the ocean here during these months in California, but I am thinking of returning next January to make my retreat near the ocean. We will see if this works our as I need to discern this with my community. However, we do have an ocean in Florida and I need to go at least to Biscayne Bay to contemplate it.
I am going to miss the people at Oakwood - the community, the staff, the nurses and the cooks. I am sure I will also miss the big breakfasts that are served here at 7:30 each morning. I will miss the times in the Chapel; I can still have daily Mass in Miami and my afternoon prayer in the Chapel at home and I am just grateful that I am able to return to my community and take up ordinary work again. Being here has been a great contemplative experience and I have received so many graces here. I feel my room is a holy place as I have encountered Jesus daily here. I must say that I feel the same about my room at home. 
I would wish that all would be able to have quiet time, but not because they are ill. We just need to make some time for silence and solitude in our lives.
I look forward to seeing all my friends again!
I also look forward to not trying to write my blog on my I-pad. It now tells me when I cannot scroll down to edit it that I should "complain to Google" - and yesterday my blog did not even appear on the website! Well, I am trying to schedule ahead for this week and then I will be home!
I have been going over the encounters with Jesus in my own life and finding this very fruitful.

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