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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Three Attitudes

We think of the two disciples who walked away from Jerusalem on Sunday morning; they were distressed because they thought that Jesus had not fulfilled their hopes but had been put to death. They could not believe that He had risen, even if they had heard that the women had found the tomb empty and had a story to tell the disciples!
We so often lack faith and hope. I have really enjoyed concentrating on living the three attitudes that the Pope asked for when he was at the Youth Day in Brazil: Hopefulness, Letting 
yourself be surprised by God, and Living in Joy. They make a difference and we all have the grace to strive to cultivate these attitudes, especially during the Easter season.

Here is a quote taken from Genevieve Glen, OSB who spoke of how the Israelites could not imagine that God would summon a future for them out of the desert wastelands. Then she says:
"And where imagination is locked in a box, hope suffocates and dies."
Let us be filled with hope and thank God that he gave us the gift of an imagination!

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