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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Receiving grace . . .

We have been going over how much we received last week with the visit of our Mother General and one of the Central Team who arrived on Sunday and stayed until Thursday afternoon. They, and our own Provincial team Members, ate with us, choosing different tables and really trying to speak to each of us between meetings. Their slide show took us around the world and gave us hope for the future of the Society. Asia and Africa have more vocations than other regions. We heard how the Society of the Sacred Heart is flourishing with Associates in many Provinces. We feel that the future is bright with hope.
The staff here at Oakwood were wonderful; they are wonderful but outdid themselves during the visit. The entire area was here on Wednesday with most of the visitors staying at Oakwood. The outside of the house was painted and every window washed inside and out. The area consists of the San Diego communities, including those who work with the Indians, the communities of Redwood City, San Francisco, East Bay, and Seattle. We had Lunch outdoors on Wednesday. The weather has been so beautiful and now all the roses are in bloom. I am sure our website will have pictures. I did not think to take any.
I think we are all feeling grateful and "our hearts were burning within us" !

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