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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Election Day

I will go vote this morning with much prayer for our country. As a registered Democrat, I will vote for a woman to be president for the first time and hope and pray that she will be able to lead us into four years where Congress will work together for the common good of all. I do believe in miracles!

I sometimes think a quote from the desk of our Pastor is worth copying here. Monsignor Carruthers has been reflecting on three words that can help us as disciples and missionaries of Jesus Christ: Stillness, Beauty, and Trust. He has been telling us the "Our God desires an intimate relationship with us."  Here is what struck me this week:
"To be open to an emotionally and spiritually intimate relationship with someone requires vulnerability and the capacity to open one's heart. While entering into an intimate relationship with God requires the act of the intellect to assent to God's will in faith, it too is a relationship of vulnerability that is augmented by the more psychological assent of trust."
Then he says that to grow in our capacity for trust requires a growth in self-knowledge.
Later he speaks of "Christ-centered friendship is also an important step in the process of learning to trust God."
How am I increasing my trust in God? I feel the need to entrust our country to God!

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