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Thursday, March 3, 2016

God made us all unique

Sometimes I forget that each of us is unique and we need to take this into account. I marvel that each snowflake is different. Why do I not stand in awe when I realize that each person is different?

Mother Stuart says: "Don't compare your state of mind to that of others, it never helps. You must go the way that suits you, and they must go the way that suits them."

Am I allowing each person in my life this same freedom? I find myself being critical because I think others should be acting the way I was taught - this is not good and so I delight in thinking of the uniqueness of each of us. I am working on never judging and letting each be who he or she is and being in awe of the Creator who loves the uniqueness of each creature.

I read in a comic strip the other morning three things about prayer for us all to remember: we say, "help me", "thank you", and sometimes just "Hi" - I think the hello part is important and the rest follows from the relationship established.

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