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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Feast of St. Joseph

What does St. Joseph want to say to me today? I suspect he will not use words but show me something in other ways. In fact, I am realizing how often the Holy Spirit and the saints nudge me in ways that I used to be unaware - sometimes it is something someone says to me in passing, or an e-mail, or a line I read, or a picture I open to in a book, etc.

St. Joseph recognized God in the dreams he had and he acted on them immediately. I marvel at the trust he had to believe in a dream. Still, that is one way God speaks to us. I think, since my retreat last January, that God speaks to me through my imagination. Maybe I just did not trust enough before to act on what comes through my imagination. Let us all pray for more trust in the Lord who does such wonders for each of us!

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