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Monday, March 14, 2016

Waiting for God

Often I sit here and wait to see what the Holy Spirit inspires me to write. When nothing comes, I turn to Mother Stuart and this, too, seems to be the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Today, I opened to this quote: "One of the hardest and most precious lessons is to wait for God."

We wait for God, but God is always present to us. He is waiting for us. He waits for me to remember His Presence in me; He waits for me to thank Him for the beautiful day, the quiet time of prayer, the cup of tea and toast for breakfast, etc. I think I am waiting for God, but really He is waiting for me!

I have added a link for Janet Stuart on the right side of my blog. I do remember asking readers to look at the new website of the English Province; it also has the link to Janet Stuart. I love to go all over the world by checking on our International website, too.

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