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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Praying for children

Our newspaper in Miami makes me very aware of how many children are being, shot, neglected, and abused. Last week a mother left her healthy two-year old in a dumpster. Fortunately, she was seen and the child is now being cared for in another home. The picture of this smiling little girl makes me pray more for all children. It is so important that they experience happiness and feel safe. All the refugees lack so much and how hard it is for the parents to see the suffering of their children.

I am trying to give away books - maybe close to 2,000 or more books that I seem to have collected - then there are the community books. We have a bookcase in the Chapel with more spiritual books and then we have a ceiling to floor built in bookcase at the end of the corridor that is full of lighter reading: novels and mysteries and biographies. I did not realize that we had so many books in this house! I had about 22 shelves full in my room and last Saturday, with the wonderful help of a 6th grader from Carrollton, I cleared about 14 of them in one morning. I have plans to give most of them away by Friday to friends, and to the Carrollton library, and to the prison.

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