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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday

Holy week begins with Passion Sunday, or what has come to be called "Palm" Sunday. The palms are blessed and there is a procession that recalls the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem where the people honor Him - perhaps some of these same people will be in the crowd on Friday that call out "Crucify him!"

The readings are powerful and the Gospel has Luke's entire account of the Passion. We only here the entire Passion read in the liturgy twice a year.

The Concord Pastor's blog suggests:

Spend some time with all of the readings, especially the gospel. You might find it helpful as your read it to imagine yourself as one or several of the characters and ponder: 
     what if I had been one of the apostles? 
     what if I had been one of the priests, the elders or the scribes? 
     what if I had been Pilate? or Judas? or Peter? 
          or one of the bystanders?
     what if I had stood at the foot of the Cross? 
     what if I had been Jesus? 

At one time or another in our lives, we are all of these... 
     who am I, who are you 
        in this Week we call Holy?  

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