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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday of Holy Week

I read this quote from the priest-theologian Michael J. Himes and like it enough to copy it here. Actually, I am quoting him from an article in America (March 21, 2016) by Emily Dagostino called "A Restless Heart".
Father Himes says that restlessness is the path to joy. It keeps us hungry. A gift of the Holy Spirit, it drives us to always want more, to give more, to seek God by committing ourselves more completely to loving service. Then he says that "the more restless we are, the more we seek to give and serve, the more likely we are to achieve joy. Joy is impervious to what I'm not and can't be. It consents to a life strung with beads of disappointment. It cedes control. It expects nothing and accepts everything as it is. Joy lets me be flawed, finite and unfulfilled. In the face of failures, it holds and retunes one steady, prolonged middle C."

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