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Friday, September 2, 2016

First Friday

I am one of those who love and pray to Jesus, but do not have an image in my mind. I just think of Jesus perhaps as the Good Shepherd, but no picture of how Jesus really looked. I use the one above often in this blog, but only because I was given a picture like it when a child in school as a reward for devotedness. I had it on the wall in my room until I entered. It brought Jesus closer to me, but even then I did not try to picture Him. I just had a felt presence and I think that is still the way I experience Jesus.
Today is the First Friday and Catholics know, or used to know, how Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary, a Visitation Sister in France; He showed her his Heart and told her how much He loves us and in return receives so much ingratitude and coldness. He asked her for reparation. Devotion to the Heart of Jesus then spread and some of the practices were wearing a badge showing the Heart of Jesus on fire with love of us, making a holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, and receiving Holy Communion on nine consecutive first Fridays so each month we honor the Heart of Jesus. After Vatican II, some of the practices of devotion in the Church were not fostered, but where I went to Church in Miami you could not find a parking place for the noon Mass every First Friday. I still have a special devotion to this day each month.

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